Why better?
TOYPEK is the only Russian toilet cabin, which is produced on the modern equipment by injection molding. This ensures high quality and accuracy of parts, which is important for assembly and operation.
See the crash test showing the high strength of the TOYPEK cabin.
The cabin is completely made of
Toypek model has a reinforced completely made of plastic base pallet.
It doesn’t rot and is easy to clean up.
Anti-vandal door
The weak point of many toilet cabins is a fastening of the door to the doorway.
The door of Toypek is fastened along the whole side of the doorway.
It can even bear the weight of an adult person!
Latching mechanism
The cabin TOYPEK advantageously differs from the other cabins due to its strong locking mechanism with a display system "Open-close".
Hidden spring
In the cabin Toypek the spring is hidden inside the door.
Easy to assemble
Toilet cabin TOYPEK can be easily and quickly assembled by only one person.
On the details there are almost all holes for assembling.
And the simpler the cabin assembly, the faster and cheaper it is. .
Oversized hole
The storage tank hole and toilet seat hole are bigger than in other cabins, that prevents the users from missing the hole.
Ease of loading
Due to the firmness and special grooves on the base pallet, the Toypek cabin is easy to load.
Ease of moving
The side ribs of the cabin are made to make them easy to seize while moving.
Weight 73kg
20’DV = 35 toilets
40’HQ = 70 toilets
Truck 90/120 m3 = 90/120 disassembled portable toilets.
Standard size
The Toypek model is specially constructed considering the sizes of trucks for toilet cabins transportation.
Dimensions: 100x100x225 cm
Advertising place
Flat side panels of the cabin are perfectly suitable for placing the advertising.
Flawless design
The design of Toypek is compare favorably with the other cabins.
It’s a new up-to-date standard at the reasonable price.
There are several colour options of the cabin.
The pigments which are used during producing the toilet cabin TOYPEK have the high color fastness: 7 out of 8 points. That is why toilet cabins TOYPEK do not fade for a long period of time.
The toilet cabin TOYPEK can be equipped:
- hand wash basin,
- urinal,
- recirculation flushing system
for the convenience of the users.
Our cabin is produced with new modern international technologies.
The strength and durability are beyond comparison.

The presentation of Toypek toilet cabin took place on March 6th-7th in Nuerburg (Germany) during the international trade show EuroToi 2015.
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